Hands #70-73: Flush for Donald Maloney

Sep 20, 2019

Hand #70: Donald Maloney raises to 350,000 in the small blind and Dave Farah calls in the big blind. The Spade 9Spade 5Spade 8 flop checks through to reveal the Diamond 3 on the turn.

Maloney check-calls a bet of 400,000 from Farah as the river lands the Spade 7. Maloney checks, Farah bets 950,000, and Maloney calls with his Spade AHeart 10 to beat Farah’s Club ADiamond J.

Hand #71: Jerry Maher raises to 300,000 in the cutoff and Uke Dauti three-bets to 1,100,000 from the big blind. Maher folds.

Hand #72: Donald Maloney raises the cutoff to 350,000 and wins the blinds and ante.

Donald Maloney – 5,700,000

Hand #73: Dave Farah raises to 375,000 in the cutoff and Kevin Albers calls in the small blind. The Club 4Heart 9Diamond J flop checks through to reveal the Diamond 8 on the turn. Albers check-calls a bet of 625,000 as the river lands the Diamond 10. Albers checks, Farah bets 2,000,000 and Albers folds.

Dave Farah – 6,600,000
Kevin Albers – 13,600,000

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