Hands #71-74: Josh Kay Makes a Stand with His Bullet to Take the lead

Nov 30, 2022

Josh Kay Doubles
Photo: Josh Kay

Hand #71:
Josh Kay limps the button and Andrew Wilson raises to 1.5 million. Kay folds.

Hand #72:
Wilson raises to 900,000 from the button and Kay folds.

Hand #73:
Kay opens to 1.4 million and Wilson folds his big blind.

Hand #74:
Wilson completes the small blind, Kay pumps it up to 2.2 million, and Wilson calls. The dealer fans out Heart AHeart 7Club 3 as a flop and Kay leads with a bet of 1.6 million.

Wilson calls to see the Diamond 4 fall on the turn and Kay checks. Wilson bets 5.8 million, Kay check-calls, and the Club 6 river completes the board.

Kay taps to Wilson who shoves all the chips into the middle. Kay hits the time bank but ultimately, he calls his 13.2 million into the middle.

Wilson tables Diamond 10Heart 8 for complete air, shipping a complete double over to Kay when he tables Diamond ADiamond 2.

Josh Kay – 46,000,000 (115 bb)
Andrew Wilson – 31,000,000 (76 bb)

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