Hands 71-74: Quads for Alexander Yen

Jan 26, 2022

Alex Yen

Hand #71: Alexander Yen limps the small blind, and Anton Wigg raises the one million in the big blind. Yen mucks.

Hand #72: Yen opens the button to 600,000 and takes it down.

Hand #73: Lazrus limps the small blind, and Yen raises to one million in the big blind. Lazrus calls.

The dealer spreada the Heart AHeart 3Club 3 and Lazrus checks. Yen continues for 1,000,000, and Lazrus calls.

The turn Spade A checks through and when the river Club A completes the board Lazrus checks. Yen bets 2,000,000, and Lazrus calls.

Yen tables Diamond ASpade 10 for quad aces and Lazrus mucks.

Hand #74: Yen limps the small blind, and Wigg checks his option in the big blind. The flop falls Diamond KDiamond 7Heart 6 and Yen bets 300,000. Wigg calls.

The turn Spade 7 hits the felt and Yen bets 1,000,000, Wigg calls. The river Heart 8 compelyes the board and action checks through. Yen tables Diamond JDiamond 10 for jack-high and Wigg tables Spade 5Diamond 5 for a pair of fives to collect the pot.

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