Hands #71-75: Small Pots Between Laszlo Papai and Joep van den Bijgaart

Feb 23, 2020

Hand #71: Laszlo Papai calls in the small blind with Club AHeart 2 and Joep van den Bijgaart checks Diamond 5Diamond 3 in the big. It goes check-check on the Spade 9Diamond 8Club 3 flop and on the Spade 8 turn, Papai bets 225,000, which van den Bijgaart calls. The river is a Diamond 2 and they check. van den Bijgaart wins with the small pair.

Hand #72: van den Bijgaart makes a small blind limp with Diamond 10Heart 2 and Christopher Puetz checks with Club KDiamond 2. There’s no action all the way to the Diamond 9Heart 4Diamond 5Heart 6Heart 5 river and van den Bijgaart bets 200,000, which is enough to take it.

Hand #73: van den Bijgaart opens 300,000 with Spade 4Spade 3 on the button and Papai finds Heart AClub A in the big blind. He three-bets to 900,000 and van den Bijgaart gives up.

Hand #74: van den Bijgaart gets a walk.

Hand #75: Papai limps the button with Heart AHeart 4. van den Bijgaart flats Diamond 10Diamond 9 on the small blind and they see a Spade JDiamond 6Club 6 flop. van den Bijgaart check-folds to a cbet.

Joep van den Bijgaart – 11,000,000
Laszlo Papai – 5,800,000

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