Hands 73-74: Another Double Up For Bui

Feb 24, 2016

Hand #73: Rob Forbes limped on the button and Mike Bui completed from the small blind after which David Ormsby checked his option.

The flop brought out Diamond JHeart 7Club 4 and both players checked. On the turn the Spade Q hit and both blinds checked again. Forbes bet 250,000 and only Bui called.

On the river the Diamond 7 hit and both players checked. Forbes showed Club QClub 10 and he won the pot.

Hand #74: Mike Bui moved all in for 800,000 from the button and David Ormsby called from the big blind.

Bui: Spade KHeart Q
Mike Bui: Spade 7Spade 7

The board ran out Diamond JHeart 4Heart 3Heart 6Spade 6 and Bui doubled up once again.

David Ormsby – 1,785,000 (29bb)
Mike Bui – 1,750,000 (29bb)

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