Hands #75-78: Frank Funaro Doubles Thru Benny Glaser

Dec 19, 2022

Hand #75:  Michael Rocco limps in from middle position with Club 9Club 7, Jean-Claude Moussa raises all in for 4,600,000 with Club ADiamond J from the cutoff, and action folds back around to Rocco who folds.

Jean-Claude Moussa  –  8,100,000  (8 bb)
Michael Rocco  –  13,300,000  (13 bb)

Hand #76:  Michael Rocco raises all in for 13,300,000 from middle positon with Club AClub 3 and wins uncontested.

Hand #77:   Michael Rocco limps in from early position with Spade AClub K, Benny Glader completes from the small blind with Heart 8Diamond 6, and Eliot Hudon checks his option in the big blind with Heart KHeart 6.

The flop comes Spade JSpade 10Club 6. Glaser checks, Rocco bets 1,100,000, Hudon folds, and so does Glaser.

Hand #78:  Benny Glaser raises all in from the button with his chip-leading stack holding Heart QClub 8 and Frank Funaro wakes up with Club AHeart K. He calls all in for 14,900,000.

The board runs out Spade AHeart 9Diamond 4Diamond 6Spade 2, giving Funaro a pair of aces to double up.

Frank Funaro  –  31,300,000  (31 bb)
Benny Glaser  –  115,200,000  (115 bb)

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