Hands #78-82: Shoves Getting Through for Josh Kay

Nov 30, 2022

Hand #78:
Andrew Wilson completes the button and Josh Kay shoves for roughly 14 million, Wilson folds.

Hand #79:
Kay raises to 2.4 million on the button, and Wilson folds.

Hand #80:
Wilson limps the button and Kay shoves the big blind. Wilson folds.

Hand #81:
Kay completes on the button, Wilson raises to 1.7 million from the big blind, and Kay folds.

Hand #82:
Wilson raises to 1.1 million from the button, Kay calls, and the Club JClub 10Diamond 8 flop lands as a flop.

Kay checks his option, Wilson bets 800,000, and Kay calls. The Diamond 2 turn peels off and Kay checks once more.

Wilson bets 2.8 million into the pot which prompts a shove from Kay, and Wilson instantly folds.

Andrew Wilson – 56,000,000 (112 bb)
Josh Kay – 21,000,000 (42 bb)

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