Hands #79-83: No Major Encounters

Feb 23, 2020

Hand #79: Joep van den Bijgaart makes it 400,000 on the button with the Spade AClub 8 and Christopher Puetz picks up the Diamond ASpade Q in the small blind. Puetz pauses and then announces all in for 4.1 million. Van den Bijgaart lets it go.

Hand #80: Laszlo Papai completes from the small blind with the Diamond QDiamond 9 and van den Bijgaart raises to 700,000 from the big, holding Heart 4Heart 3. Papai calls and the flop comes Spade 9Diamond 10Heart J. Both players check and the Club 10 lands on the turn. They check again and van den Bijgaart picks up a showdown value on the Spade 4 river, so he checks back one more time.

Hand #81: Van den Bijgaart completes with the Heart JDiamond 3 and Puetz checks with the Heart QSpade 4. The Spade KDiamond JSpade A flop gets checkes and van den Bijgaart minbets on the Diamond A turn. Puetz calls and the Club A completes the board. Van den Bijgaart makes it 400,000 and Puetz quickly lays his hand down.

Hand #82: Van den Bijgaart picks up ace-ten on the button and he scoops the blinds with a raise.

Hand #83: Puetz raises to 400,000 on his button with Diamond KHeart 10 and Papai three-bets to 1 million with Spade 8Heart 8. Puetz folds.

Joep van den Bijgaart – 9,300,000
Laszlo Papai – 7,300,000
Christopher Puetz – 3,800,000

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