Hands #82-83: Daniel Negreanu Eliminated in 3rd Place ($640,103)

Dec 20, 2015

Hand #82

Daniel Negreanu gets a walk in the big blind and shows pocket aces.

Hand #83

Daniel Negreanu

Fedor Holz folds on the button and Daniel Negreanu moves all in for 655,000. Nick Petrangelo calls from the big blind and the cards are tabled. Negreanu shows Kd3s and is in the lead against Petrangelo’s QdJh.

The flop is Js9c4s and Petrangelo takes the lead with a pair of jacks. The turn is the Qc, giving Petrangelo two pair, but Negreanu has a straight draw, needing a 10 to stay alive. The river is the 6s and Negreanu is eliminated in third place to leave Petrangelo heads-up with Holz for the title. Negreanu takes home $640,103 for his third place finish.

Nick Petrangelo – 4,170,000
Daniel Negreanu – Eliminated

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