Hands #83 to 87: Andrew Wilson Pulling Back Away

Nov 30, 2022

Mike Sexton Champions Cup

Hand #83: Josh Kay opens to 2,000,000 and Wilson calls.

The flop falls Spade AHeart 9Heart 8, and Wilson checks. Kay continues for 2,000,000, and Wilson calls.

The dealer burns and turns the Spade 2, and action checks through.

The river Spade 9 completes the board, and Wilson checks. Kay checks back, and tables Heart 10Diamond 6, Wilson tables Diamond JClub 8 for a pair of eights and takes down the pot.

Hand #84: Wilson limps the button and Kay checks his option.

The flop falls Club JClub 6Heart 6, and action checks through.

The turn Heart 9 hits the felt, and the action checks through again.

The river Diamond A completes the board and action checks through.

Wilson tables Spade 10Diamond 9 for two pair, nines and sixes for two pair to take the pot.

Hand #85: Kay opens to 2,300,000 and takes it down.

Hand #86: Wilson limps and Kay raises to 2,800,000. Wilson moves all in, and Kay mucks.

Hand #87: Kay moves all in and Wilson mucks.

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