Hands #86-90: Alexander Yen Makes a Full House; Five Spades Bring a Chop Before Break

Jan 26, 2022

Three-Handed Play

Hand #86: Anton Wigg announces he’s all in from the small blind and Daniel Lazrus folds, earning Wigg the pot.

Hand #87: Wigg raises to 600,000 on the button and Alexander Yen defends his big blind. The flop drops Club KClub 4Heart 4 and Yen checks. Wigg continuation-bets 350,000 and Yen calls.

The turn comes Diamond A and Yen checks again. Wigg announces a second barrel of 1.2 million and Yen calls.

The river falls Heart 3 and Yen checks for a third time. Wigg empties the clip, stating another bet of 2.1 million. Yen check-raises to 5.5 million, sending Wigg into the tank for close to 90 seconds before calling.

Yen shows Heart ADiamond 4 for a turned full house and Wigg mucks.

Hand #88: Lazrus open-jams on the button and both players fold behind, earning him the pot.

Hand #89: Yen opens to 600,000 on the button and Lazrus re-jams for 4.3 million in the big blind. Yen calls.

Lazrus: Club QClub J
Yen: Diamond KHeart 10

The runout comes Spade ASpade JSpade 4Spade 7Spade 2 – Lazrus flops a pair of jacks, but a flush comes on board to bring about a chop for both players.

Hand #90: A little over a minute remains in Level 31, and Lazrus uses two of his time extensions to let the clock run down from the small blind before folding and giving Yen a walk.

The tournament is now on a 20-minute break.

Chip counts on break:

Anton Wigg – 23,300,000 (58 bb)
Daniel Lazrus – 4,300,000 (10 bb)
Alexander Yen – 51,700,000 (129 bb)

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