Hands 9-13: Verrian Gets Involved

Feb 24, 2016

Hand #9: David Ormsby received a walk and chipped up to 1,425,000.

Hand #10: Mike Bui raised from the button to 125,000 and Derek Verrian called from the small blind. The flop brought out Diamond KSpade 10Club 7 and Bui bet 155,000 after Verrian checked. Verrian check-raised to 455,000 and Bui folded. Verrian chipped up to 1,755,000.

Hand #11: Mike Bui moved all in before the flop for 1,055,000 from the cutoff, and Derek Verrian tank-folded before Rob Forbes gave up his big blind.

Hand #12: Soren Turkewitsch received a walk.

Hand #13: David Ormsby raised under the gun to 110,000 and Rob Forbes called from the button before Soren Turkewitsch called as well from the small blind.

The flop brought out Spade 5Spade 4Heart 2 and Turkewitsch – who was first to act – moved all in. Both Ormsby and Forbes folded, and Turkewitsch chipped up to 1,575,000.

Derek Verrian – 1,700,000 (34bb)
Soren Turkewitsch – 1,575,000 (31bb)

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