Hands #91-94: Tides Turn Once More for Josh Kay

Nov 30, 2022

Josh Kay
Photo: Josh Kay

Hand #91
Josh Kay completes the button, Andrew Wilson checks the big blind, and the dealer fans Heart ADiamond QSpade 9 out as a flop.

Wilson checks to Kay who bets 700,000, and Wilson lets his cards go.

Hand #92:
Wilson open-ships the button and Kay calls, having 12.8 million go into the middle for a runout.

Josh Kay: Diamond KHeart 7
Andrew Wilson: Spade 2Heart 2

The flip turns into a one-sided affair when the dealer spreads Spade KSpade QDiamond 8 out, hitting Kay with a cowboy.

The Heart 5 turn and Diamond J river complete the board and Kay reels in the double.

Hand #93:
Kay opens the button, making it 2.2 million, and Wilson defends. The Spade JDiamond JDiamond 6 flop lands and Wilson checks.

Kay bets 1.7 million and Wilson check-calls, bringing down a Club 5 turn. Another check by Wilson and Kay bets 4.3 million. Wilson folds.

Hand #94:
Wilson limps the button, Kay checks his option, and the dealer spreads Heart 10Club 8Diamond 7 as a flop.

Kay puts in a cool million and Wilson chucks his cards into the muck.

Andrew Wilson – 45,600,000 (76 bb)
Josh Kay – 31,400,000 (52 bb)

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