Hands #93-94: Chad Eveslage Doubles Thru Mike Liang to Take a 20-to-1 Lead

Jul 7, 2021

Heads Up Chad Eveslage & Mike Liang
Photo:  Chad Eveslage (top) waits for Mike Liang to act on the river in what would become the biggest pot of the tournament.

HAND #93  –  Mike Liang raises from the button to 475,000, and Chad Eveslage calls from the big blind. The flop comes Spade ADiamond 9Diamond 5, Eveslage checks, Liang bets 400,000, and Eveslage folds. Liang takes the pot.

HAND #94  –  Chad Eveslage raises from the button to 500,000, Mike Liang reraises from the big blind to 1,850,000, and Eveslage calls. The flop comes Club JSpade 10Heart 10, Liang bets 1,300,000, and Eveslage calls. The turn card is the Heart K, Liang bets 3,500,000, and Eveslage calls.

The river card is the Spade 8, Liang moves all in, and Eveslage calls all in for 16,125,000.

Liang shows Club QClub 10 for trip tens, but Eveslage turns over Heart QSpade 9 to win the pot with a king-high straight.

Chad Eveslage  –  45,750,000  (229 bb)
Mike Liang  –  2,225,000  (11 bb)

Heads Up Chad Eveslage
Photo:  Chad Eveslage scoops the pot, which included more than 95% of all the chips in play.

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