Hands 93-96: Ormsby Doubles After Being Crippled

Feb 24, 2016

Hand #93: Rob Forbes raised to 210,000 and he picked up the pot.

Hand #94: David Ormsby raised to 200,000 from the small blind and Derek Verrian called. The flop brought out Spade KSpade 9Spade 7 and Ormsby bet 225,000, which was called by Verrian.

The turn brought the Club 7 and Verrian called another 390,000. On the river the Diamond 6 hit and both players checked. Ormsby showed Spade AClub 5 but that was not enough versus Verrian’s Heart 10Diamond 9.

Hand #95: Rob Forbes received a walk.

Hand #96: Derek Verrian raised to 225,000 and Rob Forbes called from the small blind. David Ormsby moved all in from the big blind for 855,000 and after Verrian folded, Forbes called.

Forbes: Spade KSpade 7
Ormsby: Heart AClub 8

The board ran out Heart 9Heart 7Spade 3Heart 5Heart 4, giving Ormsby a flush against Forbes’ pair of sevens.

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