Hands #93-98: Joep van den Bijgaart Loses With a Set

Feb 23, 2020

Hand #93: Joep van den Bijgaart completes with the Spade 9Heart 9 and Christopher Puetz checks with Diamond 10Club 4. Van den Bijgaart flops a gutshot on Diamond QDiamond KClub 9 and he bets 300,000. Puetz calls with a gutshot. The Diamond 8 turn gives Puetz as flush draw and van den Bijgaart barrels for 800,000. Puetz calls again. The dealer rolls over the Diamond 6 on the river and Puetz makes a backdoor flush. Both players check and Puetz drags the pot.

Hand #94: Van den Bijgaart looks down at Club 9Club 8 and he elects for a limp from the button. Laszlo Papai checks his option with Diamond 10Spade 6 and they see the Spade 4Diamond 8Spade 4 hit the felt. Papai check-folds to a bet of 250,000.

Hand #95: Van den Bijgaart gets a walk.

Hand #96: Van den Bijgaart calls from the small blind with Spade 8Diamond 7 and Puetz raises to 700,000 with ace-jack suited. Van den Bijgaart folds.

Hand #97: Puetz calls from the small blind and Papai checks from the big. The flop comes Spade QSpade 10Heart K and Puetz stabs. Papai snap-calls. and they check the Diamond A turn to the Club 5. Puetz check-folds to Papai’s bet.

Hand #98: Laszlo Papai three-bets all in with pocket Club JHeart J over Christopher Puetz’s 300,000 button open with Club ADiamond 2. Puetz folds.

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