Hardy Helps Duffy

Nov 12, 2014

Andy Duffy has been bossing around his table to a large extent, but it seems that even when the Merseyside-based player is folding hands, he’s getting soething out of his table-mates. 

After a flop of [9c2c5h], Paul Hardy sees Andy duffy raise to 2,100 and re-pops it to 11,525. 

"Will you show me if I let this go?" says Duffy. "Do you like your hand?" 

"I might do, I like you." says Hardy. It’s evident that the jovial gent has already shown a hand to the table. 

Duffy open-fold his [TcTh] and gets what he wanted, Hardy flipping over [QhQd] unecessarily. A nice pot to win, but information goes across the table. Who’s the biggest winner? 

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