Harrison Gimbel Above 200K

Jun 18, 2021

Harrison Gimbel

WPT Champions Club member Harrison Gimbel (pictured) raises to 4,000 from middle position, fellow WPT Champions Club member Shawn Cunix calls from the hijack, fellow WPT Champions Club member Eric Afriat calls from the small blind and the player in the big blind calls.

They check to the turn of a Spade KClub 2Heart 2Heart 4 board where Cunix bets 5,500. Only Afriat and Gimbel call.

The river is the Diamond Q and everyone checks.

Gimbel tables Club KClub 8 for kings and deuces, besting both opponents’ holdings to win the pot.

Harrison Gimbel – 225,000 (150 bb)
Eric Afriat – 170,000 (113 bb)
Shawn Cunix – 35,000 (23 bb)

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