Harrison Gimbel Doubles Thru Brett Murray

Mar 9, 2020

WPT Champions Club member Harrison Gimbel moves all in from UTG/hijack for 36,000, and Brett Murray calls from the button with Diamond KClub K. Gimbel turned over his hand showing the Heart A, but didn’t realize the other card wasn’t visible as he was focused on Murray’s cards.

Gimbel apologized and slid the ace to reveal Heart AHeart 2. The players joke about it being a slowroll, but it was clearly unintentional.

The board comes Club 3Spade 2Diamond 2Heart 4Diamond 4, and Gimbel flops trip deuces and rivers a full house to win the pot and double up, and the players laugh at how the deuce turned out to be the key card in the hand after all.

Harrison Gimbel  –  87,000  (15 bb)
Brett Murray  –  173,000  (29 bb)

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