Harrison Gimbel Eliminated in 31st Place by John Hennigan

Jul 6, 2021

Harrison Gimbel Harrison Gimbel

Ari Oxman raises under the gun to 75,000, WPT champion John Hennigan calls from middle position, and WPT champion Harrison Gimbel (pictured) moves all in from the cutoff for 80,000. Oxman and Hennigan both call.

The flop comes Club 9Club 7Spade 4, Oxman checks, Hennigan bets 50,000, and Oxman folds. Hennigan reclaims his bet.

Gimbel turns over Diamond KHeart Q for king high, but he’ll need to catch a runner-runner straight to stay alive against Hennigan’s Heart 7Diamond 7 (set of sevens).

The turn card is the Club 10, giving Gimbel a gutshot straight draw, but the river card pairs the board with the Heart 9. Hennigan wins the pot with a full house, sevens full of nines, to eliminate Gimbel in 31st place.

John Hennigan  –  1,815,000  (61 bb)
Harrison Gimbel  –  Eliminated in 31st Place  ($27,210)

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