Harrison Gimbel Eliminates Steven Rivero

Apr 10, 2022

Harrison Gimbel

Zhi Whu opens to 7,500 under the gun and action folds around to WPT Champions Club member Harrison Gimbel (pictured) in the small blind, who three-bets to 27,000. Steven Rivero is in the big blind and calls all in for 20,000 with Whu calling the full three-bet to create a small side pot and give Rivero a chance at tripling his stack.

The flop comes Spade 10Heart 9Diamond 9 and Gimbel continuation-bets 20,000. Rivero thinks for half a minute as he counts his stack and then slides his cards forward along the felt.

Rivero: Spade JDiamond J
Gimbel: Diamond AHeart A

Harrison Gimbel – 432,000 (144 bb)
Steven Rivero – Eliminated

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