Harry Arutyunyan Spikes a Two-Out River Against Brian Altman

Aug 31, 2019

Harry Arutyunyan

Brian Altman raises from middle position, Harry Arutyunyan (pictured) three-bets to 2,800 from the hijack and Altman calls.

The flop comes Heart 8Diamond 5Heart 2 and Altman check-calls 2,800 from Arutyunyan.

The turn is the Club Q, Altman checks, Arutyunyan bets 4,500, Altman check-raises, Arutyunyan reraises all in for 35,700 and Altman calls.

Altman: Diamond ADiamond Q
Arutyunyan: Club JSpade J

Altman leads with a pair of queens, but the river is the Heart J to give Arutyunyan a winning set of jacks.

Harry Arutyunyan – 83,000
Brian Altman – 52,000

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