Harry Beatties Up Mizrachi

Nov 14, 2014

There’s no doubting the power of a big chip-stack. With 1,814 entries so far in this incredible WPT500 at Nottingham’s Dusk til Dawn club, our overall chip-leader is, of course, Luigi Viscomi, whose stack of over 522,000 on Day 1c has him ahead of the field. But there are plenty of chances for people to run him close if they go on a late run here on Day 1F, with by far the biggest turn-out so far. 

One player who has a chance of overtaking Viscomi is certainly Harry Beattie. With Michael ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi on his table, Harry has found himself wit the power and chips – a potent combination and one that has lef to a couple of really nice spots against the American. 

Julian Lefevre was one of four in the pot along with Mizrachi and Beattie as the 9k pot was put to one side by the dealer and the cards fanned out [KsJc9d] Harry led out 6,500, called by Mizrachi and another, but folded by Julian. 

The turn of [3h] led to another bet from Harry, this time to 13,500, which got a fold from both players. 

Just an orbit later, Beattie bet Mizrachi off on the turn when he had ace-high and The grinder had king high.  

As James ‘Flushy’ Dempsey said earlier, the rich get richer in this game.  Beattie is making a run for day at a pace. 

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