Harut Arutyunyan Gets There on the River

Aug 27, 2014

Gene OLeary limps UTG+1 for 12,000, Dylan Wilkerson raises from the hijack to 35,000, Harut Arutyunyan calls from the button, and OLeary calls.

All three players check to the river on a board of [KcQs8c4c5h]. OLeary checks, Wilkerson bets 40,000, and Arutyunyan raises to 85,000. OLeary folds, and Wilkerson thinks for a while before he calls.

Arutyunyan shows [5d5s] to win the pot with a set of fives, and Wilkerson mucks.

Harut Arutyunyan  –  1,550,000  (129 bb)
Dylan Wilkerson  –  200,000  (16 bb)

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