Harut Arutyunyan Makes a Straight Flush

Aug 28, 2014

Harut Arutyunyan raises under the gun to 55,000, and Gene OLeary calls from the button. The flop comes [8c6c5c], Arutyunyan bets 60,000, and OLeary calls.

The turn card is the [7d], Arutyunyan checks, OLeary bets 100,000, and Arutyunyan calls.

The river card is the [7c], Arutyunyan bets 115,000, and OLeary calls.

OLeary shows [Qc9d] for a nine-high straight, but Arutyunyan turns over [9c9h] — a straight flush!

Harut Arutyunyan  –  1,050,000  (43 bb)
Gene OLeary  –  820,000  (34 bb)

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