Harut Arutyunyan vs. Andrew Shack

Aug 27, 2014

Harut Arutyunyan limps from under the gun, Gene OLeary limps from the hijack, Andrew Shack limps on the button, Dylan Wilkerson completes his small blind and Anthony Tao checks his option.

The flop fall [Jh10c2c] and action checks to Shack who bets 60,000. Only Arutyunyan and OLeary calls to see the [10s] turn, which all three players check. The [9d] river completes the board and Arutyunyan bets 125,000.

Only Shack calls, but he mucks when Arutyunyan tables [2h2d] for a full house.

Harut Arutyunyan – 1,210,000 (75 bb)
Andrew Shack – 245,000 (15 bb)

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