Heads-Up Play Begins

Dec 19, 2022

Money Presentation
Photo:  The WPT Royal Flush Crew brings out the prize money to put it on the table before heads-up play begins.

The final two players have been interviewed, and the WPT Royal Flush Crew has brought the prize money out to the table. Everything is set and ready to go, so it’s time to shuffle up and deal!

Reminder:  In heads-up play, the button has the small blind, and acts first before the flop.

Lara Eisenberg  –  119,600,000  (60 bb)
Stephen Song  –  43,800,000  (22 bb)

1st:  $712,650
2nd:  $481,500

3rd:  Young Eum  –  $354,000
4th:  Alon Messica  –  $265,000
5th:  Albert Nguyen  –  $200,000
6th:  Giorgii Skhulukhiia  –  $153,000

In addition to the prize money, all six final tablists will receive gift certificates good for a cruise on Virgin Voyages. Second- thru sixth-place finishers will receive a certificate for a Sea Terrace cabin ($2,800 value each), while the winner will receive a certificate for a Rockstar cabin ($8,000 value).

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