Heads-Up Begins!

Nov 17, 2014


Heads-up has begun between Matthew Noonan and Eleanor Gudger, and the stacks are notably different, so let’s point that out first and foremost. 

Eleanor Gudger – 44,200,000 
Matthew Noonan – 18,350,000 

Many heads-up matches have ‘dramatised’ by poker media, but with these two, trust us, there’s absolutely no need. They could hardly be more different in stlyes if they tried, with Eleanor the studious, considered player, and Noonan working with a high level of instinct. There’s little to choose between them in this tournament, for sure, but Eleanor has considerably more live tournament earnings, having cashed twice in the WSOP and reached a final table in the Ladies Event. 

Who will take the title? 

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