Henry Tran Above 300K

Feb 12, 2017

Henry Tran

Christian Harder raises to 4,700 from early position, Ruben Perceval calls from the hijack, Henry Tran (pictured) calls from the button, and Robert Greenberg calls from the big blind.

The flop falls Diamond 10Diamond 6Club 3 and action checks over to Perceval who bets 7,900. Only Tran calls.

The turn is the Heart K and Perceval checks to Tran who bets 30,000. Perceval calls.

The river is the Diamond 2 and both players check.

Perceval shows Spade AHeart 10 for a pair of tens, but Tran tables Heart 6Spade 6 for a set of sixes to win the pot.

Henry Tran – 320,000 (160 bb)
Ruben Perceval – 136,000 (68 bb)

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