Huang Chyan Pu Wins WPTDeepStacks Taiwan! (TWD 1,317,800 / ~US $46,756)

Dec 21, 2020

Champion Huang Chyan Pu
Photo:  Flanked by his friends, Huang Chyan Pu hoists the WPTDeepStacks trophy.

Chuan Lung Lai raised from the button/small blind to 275,000, and Huang Chyan Pu called from the big blind.

The flop came Spade QHeart 9Spade 6, Pu checked, Lai bet 250,000, and Pu called.

The turn card was the Spade 3, Pu bet 900,000, and Lai called.

The river card was the Heart K, Pu shoved, and Lai thought for a while before calling all in for about 1.5 million with Spade 7Heart 7.

But Huang Chyan Pu turns over Club JClub 10 to win the pot — and the WPTDeepStacks title — with a king-high straight.

Final Hand

Chuan Lung Lai finishes as the runner-up, earning TWD 924,800 (~US $32,812).

Huang Chyan Pu wins WPTDeepStacks Taiwan, earning TWD 1,317,800 (~US $46,756) and a WPTDeepStacks trophy.

Congratulations to Huang Chyan Pu!

1st:  Huang Chyan Pu  –  TWD 1,317,800  (~US $46,756)
2nd:  Chuan Lung Lai  –  TWD 924,800  (~US $32,812)
3rd:  Po Wen Fang  –  TWD 594,800  (~US $21,104)
4th:  Zong Chi He  –  TWD 413,500  (~US $14,671)
5th:  Cindy Man-Ni Chen  –  TWD 317,400  (~US $11,261)
6th:  Chi Hung Ho  –  TWD 264,500  (~US $9,384)
7th:  Po Ching Lin  –  TWD 220,200  (~US $7,813)
8th:  Feng Wen Chen  –  TWD 175,900  (~US $6,241)
9th:  Shao Heng Hsu  –  TWD 131,900  (~US $4,680)

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