Huge Blow for Jan-Eric Schwippert

Jan 25, 2021

Jan-Eric Schwippert opens under the gun to 250,000 and Marcel Kunze calls in the small blind.

On the Club 10Spade 6Heart K flop, Kunze check-calls a small c-bet and they see an Club 8 land on the turn. The action starts to heat up at this point, with Kunze checking a second time, but then opting to raise Schwippert’s 850,000 barrel to 2,350,000, leaving just under 3 million behind.

Schwippert calls and the river is a X X. Kunze doesn’t bet again, and Schwippert bets enough to set him all in, and gets a snap-call from his opponent.

Marcel Kunze: X 10X 10
Jan-Eric Schwippert: X 8X 8

It is set over set and Kunze’s is the better one, sending him up into the top three, whilst Jan-Eric Scwippert has found himself short for the first time today.

Marcel Kunze – 11,652,276
Jan-Eric Schwippert – 2,961,230

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