Huge Cooler for Michael Addamo

Sep 24, 2020

Michael Addamo raises 50,000 with Club KSpade K and Isaac Haxton flats with Spade JHeart 7. The flop hits huge for Haxton with trips on Club JHeart QHeart J and he check-raises over the 26,000 c-bet to 100,000 and when Addamo calls, the Heart 3 comes on the turn.

Haxton goes for a barrel, betting 92,000 and Addamo isn’t going anywhere just yet. The Club 7 river fills up Haxton’s hand and he makes a 293,000 bet for value, which Addamo calls. Though there is a huge difference in the stack sizes, Addamo still has 40 big blinds in play.

Isaac Haxton – 3.2 million
Michael Addamo – 781,000

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