Huge Pot for Stuart Guite

Aug 25, 2020

The chip lead has changed hands once again and Stuart Guite is the one ahead as a result of the last hand.

It began with an open from Guite, who had Spade KClub 2 and Andrey Kotelnikov peeled with Heart KSpade 6. Both players hit on the Diamond KHeart QHeart 2 flop but top pair for Kotelnikov was now a long way behind Guite’s top and bottom two-pair. Guite continued for 2.4 and Kotelnikov called.

The turn was the Club 4 and Guite bet again, this time making it 5.8 million to play. Kotelnikov called once more and the last card out was the Club 7. With less than a pot-sized bet left, Guite moved all in for 16.5 million. Kotelnikov tanked a little but couldn’t get away and Guite regains the chip lead.

Stuart Guite – 52.2 million
Andrey Kotelnikov – 46.7 million

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