Huge Three-Way Pot Sees Jack Hardcastle Soar into the Lead as Jan-Eric Schwippert Crashes Out in 12th Place ($22,534)

Jan 26, 2021

Andrei Kriazhev has Heart KSpade K in middle position and he raises to 630,000. Jan-Eric Schwippert disguises the fact that he has Spade JHeart J, opting to flat on the button. Jack Hardcastle is in the small blind with another pocket pair, this time Club 8Heart 8 and he squeezes almost all-in, putting 8.25 million in and leaving 1.2 million behind.

Back to Kriazhev and he goes all in over the top and covering Schwippert, it is a difficult decision that sends the German into the tank. He ultimately calls and with only four big blinds for Hardcastle, he gets the last of it in.

The flop is Spade 8Club 10Spade 7 and a set for Hardcastle sends him into the lead. Schwippert has picked up a gutshot too but no nine, jack or king come on the Diamond 4 turn or Club 2 river and the Brit has moved into the chip lead, while Schwippert hits the rail.

Jack Hardcastle – 29,125,389
Andrei Kriazhev – 25,274,953
Jan-Eric Schwippert – Eliminated

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