Huy Lam Doubles Thru Chris Tolone

Aug 27, 2014

With the board showing [Qh6s5h6h] on the turn and a little more than 200,000 already in the pot, Chris Tolone moves all in from middle position, and Huy Lam calls all in from the cutoff for 155,000 with [8d8h] for two pair, eights and sixes.

Tolone turns over [KhJc] for a bluff, but he still has outs with two overcards.

The river card double-pairs the board with the [Qd], and Lam wins the pot with two pair, queens and eights, to double up in chips.

Huy Lam  –  520,000  (65 bb)
Chris Tolone  –  795,000  (99 bb)

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