Huy Lam Out in 16th Place ($16,180)

Aug 28, 2014

Huy Lam raises to 58,000 from early position, Champions Club member Andy Frankenberger calls on the button, and Jeremy Kottler calls from the big blind.

The flop comes [Jd10d3d] and Kottler bets 85,000. Lam doesn’t take too long for moving all-in for around 350,000. Frankenberger folds and Kottler quickly calls.

Lam turns over [QhJc] for top pair, while Kottler is out front with [3c3s] for a set of treys.

The [9s] on the turn gives Lam some hope, as he picks up an open-ended straight draw.  The river pairs the board with the [9h], improving Kottler to a full house to take the pot and send Lam home as the first elimination of the day.

Jeremy Kottler – 3,000,000 (150 bb)
Huy Lam – Eliminated in 16th place ($16,180)

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