I Flopped the World

May 21, 2007

On a flop of Q[c]J[d]9[d], Amnon Filippi checks, Chip Reese fires out a bet of 20k into a 30k pot. Chul Kim re-raises to 50k and Amnon immediately moves all-in for close to 120k. Reese folds and it will cost Kim the rest of his chips to call, which is about 115k. He goes into the tank for about 3 minutes before Davidson Matthew speaks up and says “Are you guys going to get on with it?” Amnon laughs and says “It’s not up to me.” Davidson promptly calls for a clock. The tournament director gives Kim 30 seconds to make a decision. The countdown from ten begins and Kim folds when the TD reaches one.

As Amnon rakes in the monster pot of over 150k he shows the 10[d]7[d] and says “I don’t know what to do with that hand. I flopped the world.”

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