"Ice Man" Has the Right Read, Campbell Triples with Nut Flush

Feb 28, 2016

Kevin Campbell
One of the bigger hands we’ve seen throughout the early portions of this Day 2 session just played out on Table 79, as Kevin Campbell sent Jeff “Ice Man” Izes to the rail while tripling himself up. Action was picked up with Izes opening the cutoff to 13,500 and after Anilkumar Kadimisetty called on the button, the blinds came along as well.

The small blind then checked the Diamond QDiamond 8Diamond 7 flop and Kevin Campbell, who was in the big blind, bet 40,000. Izes, who had just over 160,000 left behind, then announced himself “all-in.”

Kadimisetty then went into the tank for close to two minutes before he called, to put Izes at risk. After the small blind folded, Campbell was at risk as well, as he committed his remaining 60,000 chips. Izes quickly tabled Club QClub 9 and even though he was up against Campbell’s Diamond AClub 5 and Kadimisetty’s Diamond KClub 10 he looked confident.

“Knew it,” he said, referencing that his pair was ahead but it wouldn’t stay ahead for long, as the Diamond 5 fell on the turn to complete both flush draws. With the ace of diamonds, Campbell had his triple locked up as the river meaninglessly fell, while Izes was hitting the rail.

When the dust settled, the always positive “Ice Man” heads home to spend the rest of the weekend with his family, while Kevin Campbell is now playing over 50 big blinds.

Kevin Campbell – 365,000
Anilkumar Kadimisetty – 435,000

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