Igor Devkin is Out in 6th Place ($62,000)

Sep 10, 2014

Igor Devkin Dmitry Gromov opens to 100,000, from first position, Nicolas Chouity three-bets to 240,000, in the small blind, Igor Devkin moves all-in for 800,000, in the big blind, and only Chouity makes the call.


Chouity: [Ks] [Kd]
Devkin: [Qc] [Qd]

“I folded an ace.” Said Gromov.

“And it always comes.” Said Lewis.

Board: [6c] [4h] [3d] [Tc] [As]

The ace did indeed come, but not that it mattered, Devkin – who started the day as the short stack – is out.

Chouity ~ 3,700,000

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