Igor Dubinskyy Eliminated by Albert Daher

Sep 7, 2014

Albert Daher opens to 4,000, from middle position, and three players call.

Flop: [Kc] [Jh] [6h]

Daher is allowed to c-bet, and makes it 9,000, Torbey calls instantly, Dubinskyy raises to 22,000, the big blind folds, and Daher moves all-in for around 90,000. Torbey folds, and Dubinskyy pushes his last 30,000 into the pot.


Daher: [Kd] [6d]
Dubinskyy: [Kh] [Qs]

Daher hits two pair to surprise Dubinskyy and neither the turn [2c], or the river [3c] helped change anything.

Daher ~ 176,000

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