Ilya Krupin Takes a Big Pot Off of Roger Sippl

Feb 29, 2016

There is about 120,000 in the middle and a completed board of Spade JDiamond 9Club 2Diamond 9Diamond 3 and Roger Sippl checks from under-the-gun and Ilya Krupin bets 58,000 on the button. Sippl quickly reaches for chips, but spends some time in the tank before pushing a call into the middle.

Krupin shows Heart JHeart 9, giving him a full house and Sippl mucks his hand. Krupin drags a pot worth over 220,000 and takes most of Sippl’s chips in the process.

Ilya Krupin – 275,000 (114 bb)
Roger Sippl – 48,000 (20 bb)

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