Isabelle Mercier Hovers at Starting Stack While Cameras Hover Around Her

Nov 24, 2012

Isabelle Mercier raises to 600 preflop and three players call. They all check the [QcQd10h] on the flop and the [2c] on the turn as well.

The [Jd] follows on the river and Mercier bets 1,500. Two of her opponents muck and the small blind calls. The small blind flips over [9h8h] for the queen-high straight, but Mercier holds [AcKh], which is good for the Broadway straight. 

She is up to 34,500 after the hand and the film crew that has been following her every move today caught the action (much the way a different film crew was following retired hockey player Guy Carbonneau around yesterday).

Isabelle Mercier – 34,500 (172 bb)

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