Jack Hardcastle Wins the Main Event for $447,859; Rayan Chamas Eliminated in 2nd Place ($308,703)

Jan 27, 2021

Rayan Chamas opens to 2.4 million with Club JSpade 3 and Jack Hardcastle defends Heart 9Heart 8 in the big blind.

It’s a miss for Chamas but he opts to continue for 3.4 million, which is around two-thirds pot. Hardcastle calls and a Spade K lands on the turn. Chamas goes for a barrel, betting a little under half pot and Hardcastle calls with second to bottom pair.

An Diamond 8 falls on the river and now Hardcastle has improved to two pair. with a 90% pot-sized bet left, Chamas puts it all in on the river and Hardcastle makes a quick check-call.

That hand signals the end of the touranment, with Jack Hardcastle the latest player to get their name etched on the Sexton Cup, life-time membership to the WPT Champions Club, as well as that life-changing cash prize.

Congratulations to him and to Chamas for their performances and results, which were both very well-deserved.

Jack Hardcastle – 177,600,000
Rayan Chamas – Eliminated

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