Jack Schanbacher Out in 46th Place ($11,342)

Sep 17, 2014

Richard Munro raises from the button to 41,000, Jack Schanbacher moves all in from the small blind for 170,000, and Munro calls with [AhAs]. Schanbacher turns over [KhQh], and he needs to improve to stay alive.

The board comes [10s10h8hJh10d] — Schanbacher turns a heart flush (and a straight-flush draw), but Munro rivers a full house, tens full of aces.

However, most of the players were so focused on hearts that they didn’t see the trips on the board that gave Munro the winning hand. Munro mistakenly congratulated Schanbacher on winning the pot, and Schanbacher said, "You’ve got a full house" as he got up to leave. 

Wade Woelfel added, "I didn’t see it either, and I usually catch those."

Richard Munro  –  1,940,000  (121 bb)
Jack Schanbacher  –  Eliminated in 46th Place  ($11,342)

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