Jack Schanbacher Rivers Andy Santiago

Feb 28, 2016

With just ten players separating this WPTDS Big Stax XV field from the money, every pot is going to be heavily contested, even if they don’t represent tournament defining encounters. A relatively small pot just played out on Table 52, as Jack Schanbacher rivered a flush to steal a bit of Andy Santiago’s stack.

Action opened with Schanbacher making it 22,000 to go from the cutoff, with Santiago and Asher Conniff calling from the button and big blind. All three players checked through the Spade QDiamond JClub 8 flop, with Conniff and Schanbacher checking the Club K turn card.

Santiago didn’t check for a second time though, betting 28,000. Conniff quickly folded and Schanbacher called to send two evenly stacked players to the river. The Club 2 completed the board and after some thought, the out of position Schanbacher bet 82,000.

Santiago then took some time in the tank, cutting out the bet and inspecting what he’d have left in his stack if he were to call and be incorrect. With close to 550,000 in front of him, he put the necessary chips forward for a call, only to see that he was incorrect, as Schanbacher tabled Club JClub 4 for a rivered flush.

The Bensalem native could only shake his head, as he clearly had Schanbacher beat until the river, losing close to 20% of his stack in the hand. He’s still over the chip average heading towards the ned of Level 19 though and, more importantly, the WPTDS Big Stax XV money bubble.

Jack Schanbacher – 680,000
Andy Santiago – 455,000

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