Jacob Ferro Eliminated in 14th Place by Pat Lyons

Dec 18, 2021

Jacob Ferro Jacob Ferro Jacob Ferro
Photo:  Jacob Ferro

Pat Lyons limps under the gun for 30,000, Taylor Black completes the small blind, and Jacob Ferro checks his option in the big blind.

The flop comes Diamond QHeart 10Spade 2, and it checks to Lyons, who bets 55,000. Black folds, and Ferro check-raises all in for 380,000. Lyons calls with Heart QHeart J for a pair of queens, and Ferro turns over Club QHeart 7 — a pair of queens with a lower kicker. Ferro needs to improve to stay alive.

The turn card is the Diamond 5, the river card is the Spade 4, and Lyons wins the pot with a pair of queens and his jack kicker to eliminate Ferro in 14th place.

Pat Lyons  –  5,300,000  (177 bb)
Jacob Ferro  –  Eliminated in 14th Place  ($80,245)

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