Jaffee Chops, Doubles, Sends One Out to Move Up Leaderboard

Feb 28, 2016

Jared Jaffee
Jared Jaffee has been involved in some big pots in back to back to back hands on Table 47, with the first being chopped up, the second doubling the former WPT Champions Cup winner to over 500,000 and the third seeing Jaffee send a short stack to the rail. The first hand saw both Jaffee and Gintautas Putinas turn up with variants of king-jack on Diamond ASpade QClub 8Club 10Diamond K, with each rivering a straight to chop the pot.

That earned Jaffee a small net gain but in the very next hand, he was getting a full double through the big stack at his table. Jaffee saw a flop of Club 8Diamond 5Spade 3 from the big blind and after a flurry of raises, he got just over 250,000 in the middle, with Joe ‘The Jeweler’ Gola matching that amount. Jaffee held Heart ASpade 8 and Gola turned Club ADiamond 5, needing to hit to score the knockout.

He didn’t, as the turn and river bricked out and Jaffee scored the double to move himself over the half-million mark. Before Jaffee could completely stack those newly won chips, he was then sending Gintautas Putinas to the rail, as the short stack got just over 120,000 in pre flop against Jaffee, who three-bet the small blind with Spade ASpade J.

Putinas, held Heart JDiamond J and he find a clean runout, as an ace fell on the turn to complete Jaffee’s quick ascent up the leaderboard. He’s now playing the better part of 700,000, nearly tripling his stack since returning from the post-Level 17 break.

Jared Jaffee – 720,000
Joe ‘The Jeweler’ Gola – 645,000

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