Jake Schwartz Doubles Up as Day 1 Wraps

Feb 27, 2016

Jake Schwartz raises to 1,250 from under-the-gun and the big blind three-bets to 7,000 out of the big blind. Schwartz calls and they are heads-up to a flop of Spade ADiamond JSpade 5.

The big blind checks and Schwartz bets 3,400. The big blind calls and the turn is the Club 5. The big blind checks again and Schwartz bets again, this time 6,800. The big blind calls and they see the Diamond 5 fall on the river.

The big blind checks for a third time and Schwartz moves all in for 23,875. The big blind goes into the tank for just shy of two minutes before calling. Schwartz tables Spade JClub J, giving him jacks full and the big blind shows Spade KClub K as he mucks his hand.

Schwartz collects the pot as many players at the surrounding tables have already begun the bagging and tagging process.

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