Jame Frangoulidis Out in 48th Place ($11,342)

Sep 17, 2014

James Frangoulidis

James Frangoulidis moves all-in for 141,000 and Jean Gaspard calls from middle position. Ray Qartomy is in the small blind and thinks a while about his hand before eventually folding.

Frangoulidis is out front with [AsKd], while Gaspard shows [AcJc].

The flop comes [Kh8c7c], pairing up Frangoulidis, but giving Gaspard new life with a flush draw. He hits his flush with the [6c] on the turn, and, after the river brings the [6h], Frangoulidis is eliminated.

"You should raise," Qartomy jokingly scolds Gaspard. "I had ace-king too."

"Well, I knew what was going to happen, but it isn’t like I was going to tell you guys," Gaspard responds with a smile.

Jean Gaspard – 3,075,000 (192 bb)
James Frangoulidis – Eliminated in 48th ($11,342)

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