Jame Lillis Calls Correctly With King High

Feb 26, 2016

James Lillis
The action folds to Dave Stefanski on the button and he raises to 1,200. The small blind calls and James Lillis calls from the big blind. The dealer spreads a flop of Diamond QSpade 10Diamond 3, the small blind checks and Lillis bets 2,000. Stefanski calls from the button and the small blind folds. They go heads up to the Heart Q turn and both players check.

The Club 10 completes the board and Lillis checks to Stefanski who slides out a bet of 4,000. Lillis makes the call and Stefanski shows Diamond 6Diamond 9 for a busted flush draw. Lillis tables Diamond KDiamond 5 for a missed flush draw of his own but his king high is good enough to scoop the pot.

James Lillis- 145,000
Dave Stefanski- 65,000

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